AISLE 4 | MOCCA TBD Programming
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About This Project

MOCCA TBD Programming


Francisco-Fernando Granados, Bridget Moser, Sarah Sands Phillips,
Laura Robb, and Michael Vickers


September 06 – October 26, 2014 – Museum of Contemporary Art_Toronto_Canada

Aisle 4 was invited by MOCCA’s Assistant Curator to create public programming in response to the exhibition MOCCA TBD, which focused on institutional critique and questioned museum’s role in Toronto in lieu of its pending relocation. Aisle 4 in turn invited selected Toronto-based artists to subvert two common museum practices: visitor research, and guided tours. The resulting program was composed of NO ART TOURS, a series of tours lead by artists that purposely prohibited participants to experience the exhibition, and ANOTHER VISITOR RESEARCH SURVEY, a series of satirical questionnaires conducted in the gallery throughout the exhibition.